Sognando Ltd - Company n. 07111464

Founded in 2009, Sognando Ltd is a property management company and accommodation provider specialised in dealing with residential, hmo, guest houses, hostels and serviced apartments in central London.

How it started?

In 2007 Samuele Scodeggio with another ex founder(Fabio Busatto) started what will be a revolutionary project in the the accommodation provider industry. For that time they were one of the first company to create a tailor made service for the landlords and the tenants, that will allow a sustainable and hassle free stay in central London.

With the use of advance technologies for the year 2007 they have introduced automatic systems that were allowing to the landlords to have an hassle free rent coming in, and for the tenants coming from abroad they were reducing any possible cultural shock at the minimum

With an experienced team that speaks 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German), we have grown our knowledge in several industries in order to allow us to offer a great service to all our customers.

Because we rely on customer satisfaction we are always trying to go the extra mile and to put ourselves in the shoes of our customer.

As property owners ourselves we understand the market in all the aspects. The majority of our staff has been traveling around the world and it has worked in places such as France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Australia, New York and many more. This allow us to have a better understanding of the true values of a multi ethnical society and city such as London.

Our Knowledge

Hospitality / 95%
Management / 89%
Maitenance / 90%
Legal aspects / 90%

Our team is constantly attending meetings and seminaries regarding the property industry. In this business is essential to keep yourself always updated with the latest news and you can’t consider yourself a 100% expert in any subject because there is always something new to learn.

our Company Facts

  • Turnover over 1.3 million pounds
  • Established since 2009
  • Vat Registered
  • a team of 12 properties experts
  • surrounded by Solicitors and Accountants with expertise in properties
  • Properties portfolio managed: over 25 Million
  • Property Ombudsman Registered
  • Public liability insured: 1,000,000£
  • Professional Indemnity insured: 1,000,000£

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