Sognando Ltd operates with success in the property management market since 2009.

With a managed portfolio of Properties worth of over 25 Million pounds, we are proud to offer a reliable and efficient service that makes the life of any landlord easier.

Increase your revenue

Our rent guarantee scheme makes your life easier. No void periods, no rent collection, no worries.

Just receive your rent every month by standing order for all your properties.

24h Maintenance

Your property is an important asset that must be protected. We take care of everything with tailoremade solutions that will made your life easier.

Switch off your phone and relax.

Legal support

Are you aware of the new regulamentations in your council? Getting worried of how to comply with it?

Get in touch and we’ll be able to take care of your licence and manage your property.

Our company manages Guest Houses and Hostels in central London with partnerships with companies such as, and

We manage hmo properties for students. Yes for students. There is nothing to be scarred about when you’ve a professional team and many years of experience in the industry.

Plenty of our tenants are working in the silincon roundabout of Old Street. The most up coming area for startups from all over the world. The perfect solution for high standard properties with facilities.

Why Choose Us?

1. The experience

What really matters in propeties is the experience. In these years we have accumulated plenty of experience in managing properties and as property owners ourselves we do understand your needs very well.

2. The Team

In these years we’ve built a team of professionals specialised in the maintenance, management and legal aspects of the property business.

3. The flexibility

There are management companies that have outgrown their capabilities, especially when they’ve grown too quickly, too soon.
Our company has been designed with scalability in mind. In this property market is essential to be able to adapt to the new regulamentations and requirements.

4. Great Tools

We use only the most advanced tools such as